Members in the Scientific News

Video with Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman

Untreated mental illness an imminent danger?
Source: CBS News
Sep 30, 2013

Article with Dr. Garret Stuber

An on-off switch for eating
Source: Science News
Sep 30, 2013

Article with Dr. Nancy Andreasen

How schizophrenia affects the brain
Source: Science Codex
Sep 17, 2013

Article with Dr. Nora Volkow

Director of federal drug-abuse research nominated for 'Sammie' award
Source: The Washington Post
Aug 8, 2013

Article with Dr. Helen Mayberg and Dr. Shitij Kapur

Brain scan predicts best therapy for depression
Source: Nature
Jun 18, 2013

Article with Drs. Thomas Insel, David Kupfer, Jeffrey Lieberman

DSM-5 enters the diagnostic fray
Source: Science News
Jun 17, 2013

Article with Dr. Steve Hyman

Hyman to lead Society for Neuroscience
Source: Harvard
Jun 17, 2013

Article Dr. Scott Rauch and Dr. Ann Graybiel 

Research prods brain wiring underlying compulsive behavior
Source: Science News
Jun 10, 2013
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