Members in the Scientific News

Article with Dr. Carlos Zarate Jr.

Is Ketamine a Quick Fix for Hard-to-Treat Depression?
Source: Time
Aug 2, 2010

Article with Dr. Edythe London

Just Buy It: Impulsiveness Tied To Brain Chemical
Source: NPR
Jul 30, 2010

Article with Dr. Gary Small

Safety violations at N.Y. brain lab may have bigger fallout
Source: LA Times
Jul 18, 2010

Article with Carrie Bearden

Study shows how memory is disrupted in those with disease linked to learning disabilities
Source: UCLA Newsroom
Jul 15, 2010

Article with Rita Valentino

Women may be more sensitive to stress
Source: Washington Examiner
Jul 1, 2010

Article with Dr. Gary Small

First Steps to Digital Detox
Source: NY Times
Jun 7, 2010

Article with Dr. Gary Small

Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price
Source: NY Times
Jun 6, 2010

Article with Dr. Philip Seeman

Drugs from D2: Philip Seeman's investigations of the D2 Dopamine receptor transformed psychiatry. He's hoping his new company does, as well.
Source: The Scientist
Jun 2, 2010
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