Joint Projects with our Advocacy Affiliates

Anxiety Disorders Association of America Scientific Symposium

Each year at the ADAA meeting, the ACNP sponsors a scientific symposium with researchers from around the country addressing topics such as treatments, phobias, and behaviors. This scientific session allows attendees to hear about the latest studies and findings related to anxiety disorders from ACNP members working in the field. 

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Scientific Updates for Consumer Audiences

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is the largest consumer run national mental health organization in the US with over 1,000 groups in all fifty states, and over 105 million web visitors each year.  DBSA gives over 1.5 million pieces of educational material free of charge each year and responds to over 5 million inquires each year.

DBSA and ACNP have joined together to produce a program that will bring yearly scientific updates from ACNP members to DBSA audiences - and other mental health organization audiences - through web based video education, audio pod casts, real time "ask the doc" online chats, and DVDs sent to chapters for local viewing.  We anticipate that this project will reach as many as 2 million people. 

At the DBSA and ACNP meetings, two ACNP members are filmed answering questions that are of interest to consumers.  These topics are delivered through a short presentation and then questions are asked by a consumer and answered by the ACNP researcher. DBSA will distribute one presentation twice each year via DVD to all DBSA chapters - and to any other consumer group on request free of charge. DBSA will promote the availability of the DVD to NAMI, MHA, and all fifty state offices of mental health consumer affairs through NASMHPD. The DVDs will be used in DBSA chapter meetings. DBSA will create and include a discussion guide complete with references for further exploration with each DVD to encourage conversation among viewers.  One month after the distribution of the DVD, the video recording and the pod cast will be posted on both the ACNP and DBSA websites.


2008 Travel Awards

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Member Interviews

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ACNP-UCLA Archives

Learn about The ACNP-UCLA Archives.  In 2008, the ACNP Archives found a new home at UCLA.