Article with Richard Mohs

Richard C. Mohs, Ph.D., a distinguished research fellow at Eli Lilly and Co. (, has dedicated more than 30 years to the field of neuroscience. Along the way, he has made several contributions in advancing cognitive research, most notably in exploring new targets in Alzheimer's disease.

As leader of Lilly Research Laboratories' Alzheimer's Disease Team, Dr. Mohs is responsible for the clinical development of the company's two late-phase Alzheimer's disease drugs - semagacestat, a small molecule, and solanezumab, a biologic.  Both target amyloid beta, a small protein that builds up plaque in the brains of dementia patents. Although the precise cause of Alzheimer's disease is not known, research has shown that people with the disease have an excess amount of amyloid beta.  The theory is that decreasing the level of this protein in the brain may result in a slowing of Alzheimer's disease progression.

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