ACNP 55th Annual Meeting Registration

Registration for the 55th Annual Meeting will open in June.

The following new policy changes were implemented beginning with the 2014 annual meeting.

Annual Meeting Guest Policy Changes:  A member may only invite a guest to the meeting if the member is also attending the meeting. When we receive information regarding an invited guest, the Executive Office staff will ask the member to attest that he/she will attend the meeting before we will process the guest invitation.

An invited guest will be allowed to present a poster if he/she chooses to do so.  The guest invitation will constitute sponsorship by the inviting member.  No other rules for poster sponsorship will be required. 

Invitation Banks:  The general invitation bank will be fixed at 100 invitations that members may request for someone who is within 10 years of their last training or someone with a first time R award or K award.  Members may use invitations from the bank by sponsoring a young colleague who wishes to attend the meeting only if the member is attending the meeting. There will be an initial limit of one extra invitation per member. Members may request additional invitations, however the invitees name will be placed on a waitlist and the invitation will only be extended if there are remaining invitations in the bank closer to the meeting date. Associate Members may use an invitation from the bank. Invitees from the bank will be allowed to present one poster at the meeting.

An additional bank of 15 invitations will be available for under-represented minorities. To obtain an invitation from either invitation bank, the requesting member must attest that he/she will attend the meeting.  Attendees from the bank may present a poster. 

Changes to 2013 Annual Meeting Hotel Reservation Process: In an effort to remain in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)requirements, the ACNP has found it necessary to change the way annual meeting hotel reservations are made.  PCI standards are designed to ensure all companies processing, storing or transmitting credit card information maintain a secure environment. 

Registration for the annual meeting will still be completed on the ACNP website; however room reservations will be completed on the hotel website via a special access link to the ACNP
room block contained in the registration confirmation email.  By completing room reservations directly withthe hotel, the ACNP will not transmit credit card information from our registration site to the hotel, meeting security standards to maintain PCI compliance and affording attendees the highest level of protection. 

Although process changes are always difficult, we hope members and their guests understand the necessity of the change.   As always, we encourage you to contact the Executive Office 615-324-2360 or with questions and concerns.  We are always available to help!



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