Members in the Scientific News

Article with Dr. Perry Renshaw

Study finds living at high altitudes increases risk of suicide
Sep 17, 2010

Article with Dr. Helen Mayberg

Depression’s wiring diagram
Source: Wired
Sep 16, 2010

Article with Dr. Harriet de Wit

Tobacco Cravings Linger, Raising Relapse Odds
Source: WebMD
Sep 15, 2010

Article with Dr. Bruce Cohen

Genes, Stress May Have Led to Omar Bin Laden's Schizophrenia
Source: ABC News
Sep 14, 2010

Article with Dr. Herb Meltzer and Dr. Ross Baldessarini

The Forgotten Patients: The mental health industry ignores the 35,000 people a year who commit suicide. A few researchers are trying to change that.
Sep 13, 2010

Article with Rita Goldstein and Dr. Nora Volkow

Ritalin Improves Brain Function, Task Performance in Cocaine Abusers
Source: Brookhaven National Laboratory News
Sep 6, 2010

Article with Paul Greengard

Finding Suggests New Aim for Alzheimer’s Drugs
Source: NY Times
Sep 1, 2010

Article with Dr. John Newcomer

Metabolic Risks
Source: Endocrine News
Sep 1, 2010
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