Members in the Scientific News

Article with Dr. Paul Kenny

Scripps Research Scientist Selected for Prestigious Jacob P. Waletzky Awards
Source: The Scripps Research Institute
Nov 15, 2010

Article with David Nichols

In Quest for 'Legal High,' Chemists Outfox Law
Source: Wall Street Journal
Oct 30, 2010

Article with Dr. John March

Health Checkup: Kids and Mental Health
Source: Time
Oct 21, 2010

Article with Ronald Duman

Yale Researchers Identify Gene As Possible Cause Of Depression
Source: Hartford
Oct 17, 2010

Article with Greg Light

New blood test may help detect schizophrenia
Oct 15, 2010

Video with Joseph Tecce

Chilean miners rescued: Psychological impact
Source: Fox 25 Boston
Oct 14, 2010

Article with Paul Sanberg

First Patient Treated in U.S.-Approved Embryonic Stem Cell Trial
Source: Doctor's Lounge
Oct 11, 2010

Article with Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman

Side Effects May Include Lawsuits
Source: NY Times
Oct 2, 2010
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