NPP Seeking Social Media Editor

The Editors of Neuropsychopharmacology, the official journal of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP), announce an immediate opening for a Social Media Editor. 
The Social Media Editor will design, implement, and maintain journal social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook).  The position requires tangible evidence of familiarity with social media, an understanding of the social media culture, and the ability to post with regularity, responsivity, accuracy, and professionalism.
The position is open to ACNP members of any rank (Associate, Full, Fellow) who are active (full-time) researchers and/or clinicians.  It is a 2-year (potentially renewable) position that includes appointment as a Special Editor, listing on journal masthead, and a modest stipend.  The position will start immediately upon appointment.
A detailed job description is available here.
Interested candidates should address a cover letter (1 page maximum) describing their interest, experience, and vision for the position to Dr. Bill Carlezon, Editor-in-Chief, Neuropsychopharmacology.  Letters should be accompanied by a CV and sent to Lori Kunath, Editorial Assistant, Neuropsychopharmacology ( 


The College offers the following publications to its members...

  • Neuropsychopharmacology is an international scientific journal and the official publication of the ACNP. Published monthly, it is under the direction of Editor-in-Chief William A Carlezon Jr, PhD.
  • Neuropsychopharmacology Reviews is published annually as the 1st issue of Neuropsychopharmacology. The Deputy Editor is John Neumaier, MD, PhD. The series editors are Andrew Miller, MD, Ebrahim Haroon, MD and Jennifer Felger, PhD.

  • ACNP Bulletin is published quarterly and keeps the college apprised of recent events, updates on future events, and timely member focuses.

  • Psychopharmacology: The Fourth Generation of Progress an archival, citable publication revealing the depth of development and progress in the field of neuropsychopharmacology.

  • Neuropsychopharmacology: The Fifth Generation of Progress an archival, citable publication revealing the continued evolution of development and progress in the field of neuropsychopharmacology.


In 2013 the ACNP established an award that recognizes the best original paper published in Neuropsychopharmacology during the previous year. This award requires an on-going infrastructural commitment from ACNP in the form of funds and a slot during the award ceremony at the annual conference.

The award was developed by the team of Neuropsychopharmacology Editors in
response to discussions initiated by ACNP President David Lewis about approaches to
further strengthen the journal. There are numerous goals:

To recognize the best papers published in our journal and honor the researchers who
performed the work.
To provide an incentive for ACNP members to submit their best work to our journal.
To provide an opportunity to develop positive relationships between the ACNP and top
researchers who are not currently members of the college.
To foster positive relationships between our journal and junior/early-career
investigators, such that these investigators will continue to consider
Neuropsychopharmacology for their work in the future and provide service as reviewers
or editors.
To provide an additional distinction that may facilitate promotion within ACNP or at
home institutions.
To perpetuate the sense of enthusiasm for outstanding contributions and collegiality for
which ACNP is broadly known.

2016 NEATOR Recipient - The 2016 NEATOR (Neuropsychopharmacology Editors' Award for a Transformative Original Report) was presented to Naomi Eisenberger, Ph.D. for her paper entitled: Sex Differences in Depressive and Socioemotional Responses to an Inflammatory Challenge: Implications for Sex Differences in Depression.  

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Conflict of Interest

Guidelines applicable to all Publications Editors, including Deputy and Associate Editors, are detailed in the Conflict of Interest Policy for ACNP Council, Committees and all Editors.

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