Media Award Past Winners

The following are past recipients of the Media Award.


2002- Ellen Levine, Editor in Chief, Good Housekeeping Magazine

2003- Tim McCann, Exile Productions

2004- Michelle Trudeau, NPR Science Correspondent, Childhood Bipolar Disorder (NPR)

2005- Marianne Szegedy-Maszak, Contributing Writer, US World News and Report

2006- Bill Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein Creative Media

2007- John Hoffman & Susan Froemke, HBO Series, Addiction

2008- P. Michael Conn & James V. Parker, Authors, The Animal Research War - Nomination

2009- Brian Shanahan, CEO Medispin - Nomination

2011- Hakon Heimer, Executive Editor, Schizophrenia Research Forum - Nomination

2012- Maia Szalavitz, Freelance Journalist - Nomination

2013- Charles Rose, Jr., Journalist, The Charlie Rose Brain Series - Nomination

2014- Andrew Solomon, Freelance Journalist - Nomination 


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