Membership FAQs

If you have additional questions about membership, please submit those to and include "Membership FAQs" in the subject line.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am applying for a promotion; how do I get my ACNP activities information?
Upon request, the ACNP Executive Office will provide this information.  Forward requests to
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Do I have to have attended and presented at a previous ACNP meeting?
Not necessarily. While the level and quality of previous involvement with the ACNP is regarded as the best indicator of future commitment to our organization, this consideration is balanced with other considerations. Thus, it is possible for an individual to have never attended but be accepted for membership by being superb in national and international contributions to the emergence of new and important knowledge in neuropsychopharmacology.
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Does a serial (yearly) application strategy enhance one's chances of being granted associate membership?
No. Serial application is not a consideration and does not influence the committee decision for membership. See Synopsis of Membership Considerations
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How can I apply for membership?
Membership in the ACNP is by nomination only.  You must be nominated by an eligible ACNP member.
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What is the role of ACNP Council in approving the recommendations for membership made by the Membership Committee?
The ACNP Council retains decision-making authority, and the Membership Committee ranking of applicants is advisory. However, Council rarely alters the recommendations of the Membership Committee. The role of Council as not to try to redo the work of the Membership Committee, but rather to consider the recommendations in light of the broader goals and priorities of the College.
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Does the quality of the Associate Member and Member applications in the pool submitted each year impact the criteria used for granting membership?
Yes. The committee tends to accept at or near the quota every year. Thus, a higher quality pool can result in a difference in entry for the lesser qualified applicants. See Synopsis of Membership Consideration
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I don't remember what meetings I attended and what I presented.  Can you get this information for me?

You may contact the ACNP Executive office and request this information at  The Executive Office can provide the information housed in its database, though cannot guarantee that the information is complete. 

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Which ACNP members are eligible to nominate?

ACNP Members and Fellows are eligible to nominate.

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How do I know a member's status?
Each member's status is available on the current membership list posted under the Membership tab.
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Can an eligible ACNP member nominate more than one person for membership?
Yes.  A member can nominate one person per category of membership (Associate or Regular Scientific) per calendar year.  Additionally, members nominating a women or a minority candidate are permitted one additional nomination.  
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Is the number of new associate members fixed each year?
Yes. As defined in the ACNP By-Laws, the maximum number of new Associate Members named each year is 25.
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How are nomination letters submitted?
Nomination letters must be submitted on-line with the nomination package.
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How do I submit a nomination for membership?
Submissions open each year in August.  Go to  to access procedures for submitting your nomination on-line.
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Are there different considerations given to the qualifications of PhDs and MDs in evaluating an application for ACNP membership?
Yes. There is general recognition that MD researchers often have competing clinical and research obligations that may result in relatively lower research productivity on average. However, it is important to note that the top MD candidates have research productivity on par with PhD candidates. Thus while some special consideration is given, it generally applies to the more borderline applications.
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Do I have to have my own funded R01 grant to be eligible for ACNP membership?
Independent peer-reviewed federal funding is generally considered necessary to be in the top candidate pool. However, high quality applications without an active RO1 or similar grant can be acceptable. This is usually from individuals with one or more of the following characteristics: significant high impact publications, perceived as being between grants with a record of past NIH funding, or significant non-NIH funded research from NSF, VA, DoD or major private/foundation clinical research. Also, active NIH funding is not necessary for individuals working in government or in pharmaceutical research and development where NIH funding is not possible.
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Can I save my nomination submission and access it later?
No.  You must have all documents ready before starting the submission process.  Submissions cannot be saved and accessed later for completion.
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When is the submission deadline?

The deadline for 2016 submissions is September 12, 2016.

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How should one select the best ACNP members to endorse an application?
Two strong letters from leaders in the field who can speak knowledgably about the candidate should be sought. If there are perceived weaknesses in the candidate’s dossier, it is good for the letter to address those by way of positive explanation. Importantly, the letters should be written independently rather than through endorsement of templates provided by the candidates.
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Should travel awardees apply for membership during the years when they will be extended an invitation to the meeting on the basis of a recent/past travel award?
The number of years in travel awardee status is not a consideration in achieving membership. See Synopsis of Membership Considerations
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Is there statistical information available regarding new members such as; nominations received and accepted, demographics, and citation/productivity indices?
Yes, this information is available.  The Membership Advisory Task Force poster presented at the 2015 meeting in Hollywood Florida details the new member application statistics for 2011-2015.
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