Figure 3
FIG. 3. Complete tolerance development to the subjective effects of caffeine. Subjective ratings of Tension-Anxiety (POMS) and Strength of Drug Effect after receiving placebo (open bars) or 300 mg b.i.d. caffeine (striped bars). Data are shown for the Chronic Placebo group (N = 15) and the Chronic Caffeine group (N = 17) (300 mg t.i.d. for 18 days). Bars represent means, and brackets show +SEM. Letters a and b indicate the results of statistical comparisons; within a panel, any two bars designated with the same letter are not significantly (p {ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!lesseq.bmp} 0.05) different. Caffeine and placebo were administered double-blind in capsules. (Redrawn from ref. 32.)

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published 2000