Figure 4
Cytological relations between astrocytes and intraparenchymal microvessels. Top Left: Several neuroglia fiber cells (intrinsic) forming a sheath (perivascular) of fibers interwoven into a feltwork. a, An encircling cell; all the other are elongated cells. p, A fiber entering the sheath at right angle from a distant (extrinsic) cell. Chromate of silver staining. Top Right: a, A vessel indicated by dotted lines. An elongated cell is seen giving longitudinal and oblique fibers (intrinsic); p also several (extrinsic) fibers entering the sheath at right angles (human brain). b, Cross-section of a vessel (dotted), surrounded by a transverse cell (intrinsic). A few fibers are seen entering the feltwork perpendicularly. Drawing and legend for both left and right from ref. 1. Bottom: A, Flat perivascular neuroglial cell; B, another neuroglial cell with long processes; C, neuroglial cells with pedicles; D, capillary; a, pedicle fixed on the vascular endothelium. From ref. 6, legend translated.
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published 2000