Figure 4.
Somatotopic Organization of the Sensorimotor Corticostriatothalamo-cortical Circuits. This figure depicts the somatotopically organized pathways connecting functionally related brain regions (59). Abbreviations: CM, centromedian nucleus; GPe, external segment of globus pallidus; GPi, internal segment of globus pallidus; MC, primary motor cortex; PMC, premotor cortex exclusive of the arcuate premotor area; Put, putamen; SMA, supplementary motor area; SSC, somatosensory cortex; STN, subthalamic nucleus; VApc, nucleus ventralis anterior pars parvocellularis; VLo, nucleus ventralis lateralis pars oralis. Intriguingly, ipsilateral corticostriatal projections from MC and SSC involving information from the same body region converge on the same population of striatal matrisomes (30). This convergence of somatotopic information may provide a substrate for the premonitory urges that preceed many motor and phonic tics (65).

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published 2000