TABLE 3. Prenatal influenza and adult schizophrenia
Study Sample Findingsa
Mednick et al. (50) pregnancies coincident with Helsinki 1957

A-2 epidemic

{ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!uparrow.BMP} in schizophrenia in second-trimester cohort,

especially at 6th months' gestation

Kendell and Kemp


pregnancies coincident with Scottish

1918, 1991, and 1957 A-2 epidemics

{ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!uparrow.BMP} in Edinburgh samples for 1957, second

trimester. No {ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!uparrow.BMP} association in entire sample

Torrey et al. (65) 43,814 schizophrenic births between

1950-1959 in USA

No {ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!uparrow.BMP} in association with 1957 A-2
Barr et al. (7) Danish schizophrenic samples born

between 1911 and 1950 ( N = 7239 )

{ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!uparrow.BMP} in schizophrenia in 6 to 7-month gestational

group coincident with high incidence of

influenza compared with group coincident

with low incidence

O'Callaghan et al.


339 schizophrenic patients born around

English 1957 A-2 epidemic

abnormal distribution of schizophrenia births

in index year in women only, appearance

of {ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!uparrow.BMP} in risk in 5th gestational month

Sham et al. (59) British Hospital First Admission between

1970-1979 with schizophrenia, N not


weak statistical association between

frequency patern of influenza deaths

between 1939 and 1960 and second

trimester of schizophrenic births

Crow and Done


1620 pregnancies with history of 1957 A-

2 influenza infection in Great Britain

no increased risk of schizophrenia

published 2000