The Role of Acetylcholine Mechanisms in Affective Disorders
Behavioral Effects of Cholinomimetic Drugs in Animal Models of Depression
Effects of Cholinomimetics on Manic Symptoms
Red Blood Cell Choline in Mania
Mood Depressing/Depression-Inducing Effects of Cholinomimetics
Imaging Studies
Differential Behavioral Effects of Cholinomimetics in Affect Disorder Patients
Supersensitive Cholinomimetic Effects on Sleep Parameters
Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal Axis and b-Endorphin Supersensitivity to Cholinomimetic Drugs in Affect Disorder Patients
Growth Hormone Supersensitivity in Affective Disorder Patients
Supersensitive Pupillary Responses to Pilocarpine
Adrenomedullary and Cardiovascular Effects of Cholinomimetic Drugs
Central Muscarinic Regulation of Cholinomimetic Effects
Mood and Therapeutic Effects of Centrally Active Anticholinergic Agents
Anticholinergic Drug-Withdrawal Phenomena
Mood Effects of Antiadrenergic Agents
Muscarinic Receptors in Affective Disorder Patients
Monoamine–Acetylcholine Interactions
Acetylcholine and Stress
Cigarette Smoking and Depression
Therapeutic Implications
Table of Contents

published 2000