FIG. 1
The effects of dopaminergic drugs on masculine sexual behavior. A: The effects of intraaccumbens infusions of the D2 receptor antagonist raclopride on sexual behavior (% males ejaculating). On its own, raclopride (Rac) has little effect compared with saline (sal) treated males. However, when females are treated with a-flupenthixol to decrease their proceptive behavior, raclopride-treated males rarely copulate to ejaculation. B: Mount and intromission latencies of males in the same experiment as in A. Note how mount and intromission latencies are greatly lengthened only when females are not initiating copulation, that is, when mounting behavior only occurs if the males initiate it (see ref. 22). C: Intraaccumbens infusions of d-amphetamine dose-dependently increase responding for females in heat presented under a second-order schedule of reinforcement (see ref. 22). D: Intraaccumbens infusions of d-amphetamine dose-dependently reduce mount and intromission latencies, but have no effect on performance measures of sexual behavior (mounts, intromissions, or the rates at which they occur).
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published 2000