TABLE 2. Classes of chemical structures that bind at 5-HT receptors a

1. Indolealkylamines

  1. Tryptamines
  2. i Uncyclized

    ii Cyclized (e.g., b-carbolines)

  3. Partial ergolines
  4. Ergolines
  5. Non-tryptaminicindoles

i 3-Unsubstituted indoles

ii g-Carbolines

2. Aminotetralins

3. Arylpiperazines

a. Simple arylpiperazines

b. Long-chain arylpiperazines

4. Alkyl- and arylpiperidines

5. Aryloxyalkylamines

6. Arylbiguanides and arklbiguanides

7. Keto compounds

a. Benzoic acid derivatives

i. Benzoate esters

ii. Benzamides

b. Ketoindoles

i. Indolecarboxylic acid esters

ii. Indolecarboxylic acid amides

iii. Benzimidazoles

iv. g-Carolines

v. Carbazoles

c. Other heteroaryl esters and amides

d. Ureas and carbamates

8. Miscellaneous agents

a Classification encompasses most classes of serotonergic agonists and antagonists. Many bioisoteres are not listed separately but are considered as members of an already mentioned class of agents. General structures are shown in Fig. 1).

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