Figure 4.
Dopaminergic activity reduced in the prefrontal cortex and increased in the nucleus accumbens of rats predisposed to develop amphetamine self-administration. Top: DOPAC/dopamine ratio of HR and LR animals in basal condition (Basal) and after 30 min [Novelty (30)] and 120 min [Novelty (120)] exposure to novelty (Postmortem measures). HR animals had a lower ratio in the prefrontal cortex (F1,42 = 2.89, p < 0.05) and a higher one in the nucleus accumbens (F1,42 = 13,40, p < 0.001) and dorsal striatum (F1,42 = 8.41, p < 0.01). *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01. Bottom: Correlation between DOPAC content in basal condition and the locomotor reactivity to a mild stress (novelty) in the two regions (nucleus accumbens positively and frontal cortex negatively). (From ref. 34, with permission.)
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published 2000