Figure 2.
Dark-field autoradiograms comparing the distribution of D1 (A, C, E) and D2 (B, D, E) receptor mRNAs in the rat di- and mesencephalon. Cells expressing D1 and D2 receptor mRNAs are differentially distributed, with cells expressing D1 in the caudate-putamen (CPu), dentate gyrus (DG), basolateral (BL) amygdala and in the temporal (Te) and entorhinal (Ent) cortex. In contrast, cells expressing D2 receptor mRNA are localized in the caudate-putamen (CPu), globus pallidus (GP), scattered cells of the anterior hypothalamic area (AHA), zona incerta (ZI), central amygdala (Ce), substantia nigra (SN), and ventral tegmental area (VTA).
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published 2000