Figure 4.
Choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) immunocytochemistry in the putamen. A: Multipolar cholinergic neurons (curved arrows) are interspersed throughout the putamen. The ChAT-positive varicosities display intricate variations of density. The lightest areas correspond to the striatal patches (or striasomes), and the more intensely stained areas correspond to the matrix. There is no obvious relationship between the density of ChAT-positive neurons and the density of neuropil staining. Dorsal towards the top, lateral towards the left. Magnification {ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!times.bmp}64. B: Detail of putaminal ChAT immunopositivity. Two ChAT-positive multipolar neurons are embedded in a dense bed of ChAT-positive preterminal profiles (or varicosities). From the brain of a 55-year-old subject. Magnification {ewc MVIMG, MVIMAGE,!times.bmp}343. (From ref. 46.)
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published 2000