Figure 2.
Relative distribution of subtypes of the muscarinic receptor in brain. A: The percentage of M1, M2, and non-M1, non-M2 binding sites in the rat brain are the average of values given by Ehlert and Tran (21), Giraldo et al. (32) and Waelbroeck et al. (70). The non-M1, non-M2 class of binding sites has been further subdivided into the M3 and M4 subtypes in the cerebral cortex, corpus striatum, and hippocampus according to the estimates given by Waelbroeck et al. (71). B: The relative distribution of the M1 through M5 subtypes of the muscarinic receptor determined by immunoprecipitation with subtype selective antibodies. The data have been normalized with respect to the total amount of muscarinic receptors immunoprecipitated, and they have been estimated from Fig. 8 of Yasuda et al. (82). The M3 and M4 subtypes are both designated by open bars to allow easy comparison with the data in A, and they are designated with the numbers "3" and "4," respectively, in the corpus striatum. In all cases, the relative densities of the subtypes are shown sequentially, starting with M1 at the bottom of each bar and M5 at the top.
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published 2000