Figure 10.
Schematic of one type of recording technique used in behaving monkey. At top is shown a monkey in a restraining chair with head fixation. The monitor in front of the monkey displays a spot which the animal must visually fixate to initiate each trial; this ensures that the animal is attending to the task when cues are presented. The animal presses the nearby lever after target cues for juice reward. The head-mounted assembly for recording impulse activity of brain neurons is shown in more detail below. A steel cylinder is cemented to the animal's skull and bone anchors. This cylinder is fitted with an XY positioner and a remotely controlled hydraulic microdrive. The XY positioner allows lateral repositioning of the electrode between penetrations in the brain, while the hydraulic microdrive lowers the electrode along each penetration. Electrical activity recorded on the electrode is relayed to amplifiers and other electronics for analysis.
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published 2000