Figure 6.

Left:  Percent of patients in each treatment group who experienced nausea in the first 24 hrs. after recovery from anaesthesia for major gynaecological surgery.  Ondansitron 8 mgm was given 1 hr. before anaesthesia, and then again 8 and 16 hours later.  (Adapted from Kenny et al. - 40).    Right:  Treatment dosage was ondansetron 8 mgm twice a day with 30 mg. metopimazine 4 times a day or ondansitron 8 mgm twice a day with placebo 4 times a day.  Chemotherapy was given after the first dose.  Data is for ratings of nausea over the first day of treatment.  (Adapted from Herrstedt  et al. - 37).

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published 2000